Sunday, August 05, 2001's be a month later almost hehe well the months did change. I've been up too everything since the last time, but hopefully it'll calm down. Got a retreat this Thursday til Saturday. Hopefully Pastor Kau will be directed by the Holy Spirit. Heard Orion's gonna be stayin in HI, good news. Eddy should be okie dokie's he's movin to Hercules to live with his aunt for 4 days every week for the next 4 weeks. I'm sleepy -_-. I'll write when I'm bored den. Bye byes

Thursday, July 26, 2001

Long time no seee! That's cause I have been gone.. So be back in a few days!

Friday, July 20, 2001

GOOD MORNING! PTL! I got my driver's license woohoo. Afterall all that ordeal more permits for me! ALthough I"ve known nothing else but that for the past 2 years. My 2nd strike occurred this morning when they said I needed my soc. sec. card, I was like what/?? THey never asked for that before but I guess since I didn't show it on friday that's why they needed it. Yep permit on monday, license on friday. What a great week?? Plus Eddy's coming in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) Celebration time! Maybe i'll get tara or connaroo to come get some ice cream conmigo. So back to yesterday. I did a lot of carpet vaccuming, and then at night Mike wanted to play some tennis with my uncle and I so that was lots of fun too. I got hit yesterday when we were waiting for the car backing out behind us, and they acted like nothing had even happened. Oh wells I wasn't mad, but then today when my dad's door hit the lady next to us, she was pretty bitter about it. Oh wells! Tara's suppose to come over today for the Ho'olaulei'a so we'll see how that goes :-D. Got many things to do now........G'day Journal!

Thursday, July 19, 2001

So glad to be here tonight. It was a pretty good day. I went to play tennis with mike and connie but mike had to be dropped off so he could help his bro out, and then connie and I spent the rest of the day learning how to serve the ball. Could you believe I've been playing with raquetball raquets all along? What a trip eh? This really nice gal at the park taught us all how to correctly hit the ball, but we couldn't do much in half an hour. Connie also offerred to help me clean up some and that was interesting and fun at the same time. I picked my mom up from the bus stop and took her there this morning. Can you believe I got up that early? I most be goin crazy these days. later on I took connie back home, but first stopping off to buy some ice cream from Rite-Aid since it's just as good as B&R ice cream rite? Precisely. She also let me borrow her yearbook so that I could check out Teocalli's work this year.......Pretty good! :-) Hey! I haven't eaten dinner yet!! Takes me this long to figure that out. Once Mike called we got to talking about a lot of things mainly God, then I heard from Ed, and heard that he's been talking about God too! Where one doesn't succeed another will! How awesome is that? Praise the Lord! I was also amazed at Jimmy's total stand for God in the yearbook, in his senior shout-outs, and the fact that he stood up in the cafeteria confessing to believe in Jesus Christ. As well as Erica and Lauretta's stand too! How can this day have been bad huh? Yet, I'll continue to pray for Mike so that someday he will reign with the rest of us. Goodnight and God bless indeed!

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Today was like any other day. Got to hear that we might be getting a gal doggy so woohoo. :-) Yes......Kekoa will suit him/her. I got to talk to Amber for the first time I'd say this year. Yea, I guess I am pretty bad, not keepin in touch since she does live in Sac town. Visited my popo today but she was sleeping so we left her alone. I think the lady next door to her passed away cause i saw Marta crying :-(. Que triste. Anyhoo I heard from Eddy that he might come as late as Tuesday! Awww or could come as early as Sunday/Monday. I'm just glad he's coming and to my hometown! I also got a chance to talk to Brandon and we talked about old times since jr. high. He wanted me to mention him in my journal so there I did! ;-) Met someone that my brother knows, and they seem pretty cool and talks as if he knows me which is kinda scary if my bro actually does talk to me. Prepare for episode pidgin tomorrow! hehe. G'nite!

Monday, July 16, 2001

I'm so tired. :-P Today I planned to have my driver's test scheduled, but due to my own error I had to take a permit test instead since it had expired. Then I waited for a while for my uncle and mom to finish their social security business. Hey! My dad just disconnected me now. Can't wait for my Kuuipo to come soon........That'll be all for now since my dad's gotta use the phone. Aloha w/ <3

Sunday, July 15, 2001

Evening. Well I'm off to bed pretty soon. I need to make an early start for my driver appt. tomorrow. Don't trip rite? ;-) Anyhoo, today was a lame day. Church was interesting yet also enlightening. My dad's company picnic was alright considering I won 2 tickets to Knotts Berry Farm yet they're only child ones! Arrrrg. It was nice spending time with the family nonetheless and shot some hoops with my uncle in two games of Horse, which I happen to win. I had one more practice run and it was pretty good. If God wills me to pass, then it'll be done ;-). G'nitey.
Mornin! Gotta head to church soon. Yesterday nothing special happened. Realized a few things that needed to be. Went shopping at Alhambra Place and Sav-on for denture adhesive hehe. My mom's mad at me.........right now since I don't want to listen to what she has to say about how I dress today. It's like she gets upset at the fact that she knows she can't dictate my life or what I wear. That should subside soon I hope! I learned that my popo's name plate says Pasty Shai :-( hehe kinda funny. Talked a lot about Love between alex and connie. Headin out now. Ciao!